Solar panel rate falls marginally

lahore: The rate of solar panels in Lahore again came down significantly as the price of a 7 to 15-kilowatt system has come down by Rs75,000 to Rs200,000, a market report said Saturday.

After decrease in price, the cost of a 7-kilowatt system has come down to Rs750,000 while a 10-kilowatt system rate now stands at Rs1.05 million with a reduction of Rs100,000.

After reduction of Rs150,000 on a 12-kilowatt system, it will now be installed for Rs1.50 million. After reduction of Rs200,000 in a system of 15 kilowatts, solar panel can be installed for Rs1.4 million.

The above-mentioned prices are fixed for installation of on-grid system while batteries for hybrid system installation will have to be paid separately.