SPS protests illegal immigrants, water shortage

LARKANA: Sindhi Porhiyat Sangat held a protest at Jinnah Bagh in Larkana on Sunday against the settlement of Afghans, acute water shortage and harmful projects in Sindh.

The protesters, holding banners and flags in their hands, shouted slogans again the government.

Speaking on the occasion, the party leaders Siraj Kalhoro, Muhammad Hashim Makol and Mumtaz Joyo said that since last over 75 years, Sindh and Sindhis were being harmed and PPP during the said period had been constantly involved directly or indirectly in those acts.

They said that PPP had been helping Afghans and other illegal migrants in settling in Sindh and on the other hand, Katchi Abadis of Sindhi people were being demolished in Karachi, rendering them homeless in their own capital city. They said millions of Afghanis, Burmese and other refugees had been facilitated in Sindh, ignoring original inhabitants.

They said it was astonishing that the refugees had been exposing PPP for their misdeeds and corruption but even then, PPP was facilitating them. They said Sindh was facing acute water shortage, but PPP had done nothing yet to get Sindh’s proper water share.

They demanded expulsion of all illegal immigrants from Sindh, provision of proper water shar and end of Sindh-enemy projects as they would deprive local residents of their properties.

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