Strategy for organizing South Asian Games

By PPI News Agency Apr17,2024

ISLAMABAD: A significant meeting took place between the General Secretary of the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) and the Chairman of the Prime Minister's Youth Programme, aimed at fortifying the collaboration between the two entities for the benefit of athletes and youth across Pakistan.

The discussions centered around augmenting the role of the Pakistan Olympic Association in nurturing the potential of athletes and youth, aligning with the overarching objectives of the Prime Minister's Youth Programme.

Emphasis was placed on leveraging the upcoming 14th South Asian Games, which Pakistan is proudly hosting, as a platform to showcase the nation's sporting prowess and foster regional cooperation.

The meeting underscored the importance of strategic partnerships in promoting sports excellence and youth development.

Both parties reaffirmed their commitment to providing robust support mechanisms for athletes and youth, ensuring their holistic growth and success on both national and international platforms.

The collaboration between the Pakistan Olympic Association and the Prime Minister's Youth Programme heralds a new era of synergy and cooperation, poised to elevate Pakistan's sporting landscape and empower its youth towards a brighter future.

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