SUP demands registration of criminals’ cases against cops

LARKANA: The activists of Sindh United Party (SUP) held a large protest demonstration at Jinnah Bagh Wednesday against demolition of old Goths in Karachi including Ghazi Goth. They were holding large banners and flags of their party in their hands and also shouted slogans in favour of their just demands.

The protesters include Dr. Mazhar Mughal, Sabir Jarwar, Ghulam Rasul Shaikh, Liaquat Panhwar, Khadim Ghangro, Saddar Bhatti and others. While addressing the participants they said that historical Goths of Sindhi people are being demolished and settlements of Afghani Pathan refugees and other outsiders are being regularized by the PPP rulers which is highly condemned which will convert the indigenous people into minority.

They said recently police brutality on peaceful protesters, firing and shelling on women was a very shameful and cowardly act as the women were holding Holy Books in their hands and were extremely peaceful. They said these protesters were not only dragged but also tortured inhumaly which is unbecoming of a so called elected PPP government in Sindh.

They warned the PPP leadership to stop demolition of Sindhi Goths immediately or else they should be prepared to face the wrath of the people of Sindh because, they added they will not tolerate any humiliation in future. They demanded registration of criminal cases against those cops who resorted to firing and torturing innocent women in Ghazi Goth and order regularization of all Sindh Goths in and around Karachi which is their basic human right. They said rights of the indigenous people must be protected at all costs.

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