Tribunal orders landgrabbers to vacate mosque, graveyard area

LARKANA:Anti-Encroachment Tribunal Larkana in its verdict has ordered accused landgrabbers Shah Murad, Nadar Magsi, Waqar Magsi, Shahid Magsi, Zulfiqar Magsi and others to vacate encroached amenity area with survey number 380 at Bhains Colony Larkana and remove encroachments from it within 30 days of this order.

The Tribunal further said that in case encroachers fail to end encroachment within 30 days of its verdict, the Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Director Anti-Encroachment Cell Larkana, Mukhtiarkar Taluka Larkana, and Municipal Commissioner Municipal Corporation Larkana would jointly take action and remove the encroachment from the amenity area at the Bhains Colony Larkana.

It said that the possession of the retrieved area would be given to the Municipal Corporation Larkana and the cost of demolitions would also be recovered from the encroachers.

Plaintiffs Imtiaz Ali and others had filed a land-grabbing suit against the above accused. The plaintiffs stated before the Tribunal that they are residents of Bhains Colony Larkana with their houses at plots No.06, 26, and 27 which were purchased permanently from Municipal Corporation Larkana in 1981-82.

A scheme was approved by the authority in which plots of the graveyard, a mosque, and other amenities were reserved in the area which was later encroached by the accused illegally.

They complained that encroached plots of the graveyard and the mosque were sold out to different persons. They appealed to the Tribunal to end this encroachment. The Tribunal announced the verdict in the favour of complainants after hearing this landgrabbing case/