Two girls among three killed in separate incidents in Lahore

LAHORE:Two girls and an addict were killed in separate acts of violence in the provincial capital on late Thursday and early Friday, police said. Zainab, 21, were murdered at her doorstep in Township. The suspects are not yet identified. A drug-addict was beaten to death by his sister in Shalimar Town. Both of them got involved in a brawl after which Aina attacked Hamza with repeated strikes of stick. Police took the female suspect into custody.

A 15-year-old teenager identified as Yameen was killed after he received a bullet in Nishtar colony area. Yameen was playing with a pistol along his friend. The suspect identified as Waseem pointed the gun at Yameen while playing and the gun accidently went off. The victim received a bullet in head which proved fatal for him. Police arrested Waseem afterwards