We all have to play our part to get out of economic crisis: Governor

KARACHI:Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tessori has said that we all have to play our part to get out of the economic crisis that Pakistan is suffering from, no Messiah will come now, we have to help each other to change the situation, the coming time is extremely difficult, in view of the serious problems and the economic crisis, instead of fixing each other, we should look into our necks.

If we want to develop the country, Karachi is the only city that can drive the economy, let us try to do something for our city and country by taking the example of the universal fame that the great painter and calligrapher Sadequain gained at a young age. Ceremonies like Sadequain Awards boost the morale of people, as the Governor I assure the KMC of all possible support in enhancing the splendor of the city.

He said this while addressing the Sadequain Awards 2023 ceremony held at Frere Hall on Tuesday. On this occasion, Administrator Karachi Dr. Syed Saifur Rehman, Consul General of various countries, Chief of staff Chairman Habib Bank Maria Ismail, Senior Director Culture and Sports Saif Abbas Husni and other officers were also present.

Earlier, Governor Sindh inaugurated the painting and calligraphy exhibition on the occasion of Sadequain Awards 2023 and distributed awards to the winners of the awards competition.

Governor Sindh said that it is unfortunate for Karachi that Sadequain Awards delayed for 13 years, Karachi Games held after 10 years and other such events have also been stopped for years. Both the government and private organizations need to think to increase the splendor of the city, because this city is suffering due to this situation.

He said that we get a lesson from the life of Sadequain that if a person takes up the burden of doing something in his life, then no obstacle can stop him from achieving his goal.

He congratulated KMC for carrying on the tradition of Sadequain awards in Karachi which is not only the largest city of Pakistan but also an important center of art and culture, the artists who made this city their home and who were introduced here reached the peak in their field and thanks to them, the name of Pakistan is known all over the world. However, fine art is also a genre in which many artists have become the country's identity, Sadequain is also among the great artists whose art has been appreciated around the world and his personality in terms of calligraphy and painting is a complete institute.

He said that along with the establishment of Sadequain Art Gallery, KMC has taken a commendable step and launched the Sadequain Awards here 32 years ago and many talented artists have emerged through it, whose work can be compared to the world's greatest painters and calligraphers.

He said that I congratulate all the participants of Sadequain Awards 2023 in general and the awardees in particular and I also expect that these artists will continue to work with the same passion and hard work, it is difficult to find a precedent for the great work that has been done in the East in comparison to the Western art, it is a proof that the talent and ability is not limited to a region, country or city, he said that the KMC is playing its role in a good way for the provision of municipal services as well as for the promotion of art and culture in the city of Karachi. Sadequain Awards will be a source of encouragement for the budding young calligraphers and painters and under the guidance and patronage of KMC.

Earlier, while delivering the welcome speech, Administrator Karachi Dr. Syed Saifur Rahman said that KMC being the central municipal body of Karachi city, has made the improvement and development of infrastructure as well as the promotion of literary, cultural, academic and artistic activities in the city its main priority. The organization of these awards started in the name of the great painter and calligrapher Sadequain is also a link in the same chain, which aims to promote our traditional arts and sciences and to provide ample opportunity to the emerging artists to express their talents and encourage them, so that they do better and better work and the art created by them becomes the reason for the good name of the country and the nation at the international level.

He said that Karachi is the city of the country which has the most important position in terms of service and patronage of arts and literature, artists, poets, writers, painters, calligraphers who have achieved great heights in the world of art from this city have done their tireless work. And on the basis of extraordinary ability, Karachi and Pakistan emerged as a reference in the whole world.

He said KMC has installed this unfinished mural created by Sadequain on the ceiling of Frere Hall and preserved it for future generations. Efforts will be made so that the citizens of Karachi get to see the highest and best examples of painting and calligraphy and this art develops further. Dr. Umaira Hussain presented her book on Sadequain work to the Governor Sindh and expressed her views also.