ANF seizes 428kg drugs including 30.6kg from Sindh

KARACHI:Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan seized 428.943 Kg of drugs worth US$ 10.411 million internationally, arrested 36 persons including a woman and impounded seven vehicles while conducting 35 counter-narcotics operations throughout the country last week.

An ANF Headquarters spokesman said Tuesday that the seized drugs comprised 79 Kg Opium, 14.346 Kg Heroin, 325.168 Kg Hashish, 9.758 Kg Methamphetamine (Ice), 660 Grams Weed and 11 Grams Ecstasy Tabs (18 Tablets).

ANF Sindh recovered 30.600 Kg drugs in 2 operations while arrested 3 persons and impounded a vehicle. The seized drugs comprised 30 Kg Hashish and 600 Grams Weed.

ANF Balochsitan recovered 64 Kg drugs in three operations. The seized drugs comprised 15 Kg Opium and 49 Kg Hashish.

All cases have been registered at respective ANF Police Stations under CNS Act 1997 (Amended 2022) and further investigations are under process.

ANF KPK recovered 79.011 Kg drugs in 11 operations while arrested two persons. The seized drugs comprised 480 Grams Heroin, 78.520 Kg Hashish, and 11 Grams Ecstasy Tabs (18 Tabs).

ANF Punjab recovered 148.694 Kg drugs in 10 operations and arrested 19 persons including a woman involved in drugs smuggling and impounded 2 vehicles.

The seized drugs comprised 49.200 Kg Opium, 12.750 Kg Heroin, 77.600 Kg Hashish and 9.144 Kg Methamphetamine (Ice).

ANF North recovered 106.638 Kg drugs in nine operations and arrested 12 persons while four vehicles were impounded. The seized drugs comprised 14.800 Kg opium, 1.116 Kg Heroin, 90.048 Kg Hashish, 614 Grams Methamphetamine (Ice) and 60 Grams Weed.