Wednesday, February 8

Awareness about climate change is mandatory: CM aide

KARACHI:Advisor for Law, Environment and Coastal Development Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that awareness about climate change and its effects is mandatory, and it is our collective duty to adopt a common strategy.


Speaking at a conference on “Climate Risk and Children’s Future” as a chief guest, Wahab distributed shields among the youth and children coming from across the province at the conference. “Young people around the world are known to be ambassadors of change and we need to educate children about climate change and its effects on public such as the corona virus,” he said.


He also said: “If the talent of the youth is utilized, we would be able to create a positive and better environment in the society. It is a great pleasure to work in small and remote areas on issues such as climate change and its hazards.”


The CM aide said that German experts had said very well that not only the government but every citizen should play their role in tackling the weather threats. The government, society and all of us, young and old, must work together for a better society and a better environment.


He added that along with the climatic hazards, the prevention of coronavirus and its effects should also be made known to each other. Masks are very important to prevent coronavirus, so there was no way to prevent it except precaution.


Coronavirus is a disease that requires caution and awareness before it can be vaccinated. To deal with climate change, we must protect ourselves so that good minds can do their job in the future and serve the country and the nation.