Taking a pivotal step in community support for Maltese children battling cancer

Deriv’s Carnival party for children with cancer

A carnival party held on 12 February by Deriv creating positive experiences for children with cancer.

QAWRA, Malta, March 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a significant step to support Maltese children with cancer, Deriv, a global online trading broker, has partnered with Puttinu Cares, a renowned Maltese non-governmental organisation dedicated to helping children with cancer and their families. This collaboration is a major part of Deriv’s corporate social responsibility programme, highlighting the company’s commitment to hosting a series of engaging and supportive events over six months starting January 2024.

Deriv volunteers at Puttinu Cares charity shops

Deriv volunteers sorted donations, managed the storefront, and priced items for sale in the charity shops.

Therese Cardona, Office Manager at Deriv Malta, expressed, “Our partnership with Puttinu Cares embodies our dedication to engaging with and supporting the communities in which we operate. We strive to contribute significantly to the children and their families by utilising our resources and expertise. As part of our CSR strategy, we are leveraging Deriv’s skills to mobilise support and raise awareness through this initiative. It aims to meet and support essential needs through active involvement and the allocation of resources.”

Engagement and support: Deriv’s hands-on involvement

Carnival party preparations by the Deriv team.

Carnival party preparations by the Deriv team

  • Volunteer efforts at Puttinu Cares charity shops: Throughout January 2024, Deriv’s Malta team dedicated their efforts to enhancing the operations of Puttinu Cares’ charity shops in Qawra, Malta. Their activities ranged from sorting donations and managing the storefront to pricing items for sale, demonstrating a hands-on approach to supporting the charity’s mission.
  • Carnival celebration highlights: On February 12, a carnival party organised by Deriv volunteers created a memorable day for the affected families. The party was designed to uplift the spirits of the children and their families. This initiative was a part of Deriv’s broader commitment to creating positive, memorable moments for cancer patients and their families.

Forthcoming initiatives and continued commitment

Deriv and Puttinu Cares are excited to announce more upcoming events designed to support further and uplift the children and families affected by cancer. This ongoing partnership reflects both organisations’ dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of those they serve.

Deriv volunteers at Puttinu Cares charity shop in Malta

Deriv volunteers at Puttinu Cares charity shop in Qawra, Malta

Echoing the sentiment, Kirsty Abela, a dedicated Deriv volunteer, shared, “Our experience has been incredibly heartwarming. It’s more than volunteering; it’s about making a difference where it truly counts. This initiative has brought us closer as a team and to the community we serve, showing the value of compassion and collective action.”

This partnership is a part of ‘Deriv Life’, Deriv’s extensive CSR programme, which includes global environmental conservation and community support initiatives. Over the past year, Deriv’s CSR programme — ‘Deriv Life’, has been responsible for several significant initiatives, including environmental CSR in Cyprus, sponsoring a prosthetic limb for Malaysia’s youngest elephant amputee, and sponsoring a team in the 4L Trophy rally. These actions reinforce Deriv’s dedication to CSR as a core aspect of its identity and mission.

To learn more, visit Deriv Life and the company website.

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