RATODERO: The condition of the Noorabad Government Primary School in Ward-5 of Ratodero is in a bad condition as it is functioning without proper basic facilities. The school has no furniture, drinking water and washroom facilities for the little students due to which the male and female pupils of the school are facing tremendous problems, PPI learnt Thursday.

In this connection, the teachers and students held a protest demonstration in their school against the lack of basic facilities in the educational institution which is being run by the Sindh Government.

Syed Tariq Hussain Shah, Ehsan Ali and others said that this school was built in the year 2014, but even after 8 years, neither budget has been received nor renovation work has been done to repair the school. They alleged that a little bit of work has been done on a self-help basis and with the cooperation of the neighbors but the rest of the school has not been given anything else by the rulers.

They said that there is a severe lack of furniture as there are no chairs even for the teachers to sit, while there is no washroom in the school for both males and female little students along with drinking water facility which too is unavailable due to which the students of the school are having a hard time. They said that the school also lacks the services of a guard as there have been thefts from the school at different times and police have done nothing despite reports.

They claimed that they are decorating the innocent children with ornaments of education, but despite our complaints, nothing has yet been done for redressal of our genuine demands. They appealed to the Chief Minister of Sindh, Education Secretary and other relevant high officials and said that basic facilities including furniture, washroom, drinking water should be provided in the school without further loss of time.