KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Vice President and leader of opposition in Sindh assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has demanded a judicial probe into the matter of land issues, adding his hands are clean, while the leaders of ruling PPP are biggest land grabbers of Sindh.


Addressing a press conference here at Gulshan e Umair Society here Sunday, flanked by assembly member Jay Pirkash Ukrani, PTI Karachi chapter president Khurram Sherzaman, Dr Imran Shah, MPA Dua Bhutto, Karim Bux Gabol, Jansher Junejo, Captain Rizwan, Haji Nisar Arain, Naeem Adil Sheikh and others, he said the government of PPP is busy in political vendetta against them. He said we have legal documents for every inch of our lands. He said these leased lands were purchased by my cousin from Muni Begum. He said Tariq Qureshi and Azeem Adil Sheikh both are businessmen. He said deputy commissioner Malir had made a report about these lands. He said in 2011 a committee was formed and the matter was approved by Board of Revenue.


He said the name of Owais Tapi surfaced in connection with Karachi law and order case. He said Tapi had illegally occupied thousands of acres of lands in Karachi. He said now Nasir Shah is involved in illegal occupation of lands on fake challans. He said our lands are leased lands and not occupied lands.


Haleem Adil said the PPP government has launched a political vendetta because we had staged a protest rally from Hyderabad to Karachi against sugar mills and Omni Group. He said they had arrested and tortured him and his supporters. He said from 2018 the PPP government tried its best to implicate him in false cases but it got no proof. He said anti-corruption department had sent a report to the Sindh chief secretary to take action against him, but the chief secretary wrote that there is no land grabbing. He said anti-corruption department itself is involved in corruption.


He said the PPP government wants to silence his voice but he would raise a stronger voice. He said the case of removal of encroachments in Punjab is different from action against his lands, as all papers are present in 1283-1284 cases and stay order of court is also there. He said the government officials attacked the farm house of his relatives on behest of chief minister, previous day. He said a letter was obtained from Malir DC office and the farm of Azeem Adil Sheikh was attacked. He said Sindh chief minister has lost senses after he (Haleem Adil) has become the opposition leader.


He said the farm house was attacked despite presence of stay order. The hooligans of the PPP riding government vehicles attacked the farm house, looted precious goods and even removed golden ornaments from womenfolk. He said this action was related to the evil designs of the PPP regarding the PS-88. He said previous day complainant Tariq Qureshi had went to the Sindh High Court and the honorable court issued contempt notices to Sindh chief secretary and other officers and summoned secretary land utilization, DC and SSP Malir, assistant commissioner, Mukhtiarkar and director encroachments on February 23.


He said the court while issuing new stay order said that a stay order was present since August 25, 2020. He said proper papers are present regarding every inch of their lands. He said we have lodged application in police stations of Gadap and Memon Goth to register our FIRs, making chief minister of Sindh and others as accused. He said after these application, the police lodged FIR against him (Haleem Adil). He said we are ready to sacrifice our live for Pakistan and Sindh. He said our party is taking firm stance against the corruption mafia.


Haleem Adil said on February 2, we visited a government school in Dadu where animals were tethered. He said government schools are made cattle pens while 6million children in Sindh are out of schools. He said the police is taking action against me, but no FIR is lodged about the murder of a young bridegroom in Khairpur. He said the police say that Saeed Ghani sells drugs through Farhan Ghani. He said books need to be written on mega corruption of Murad Ali Shah. He said the action of last day was monitored personally by Murad. He said the father of Murad Shah was a specialist of illegal land allotment.


He said Murad himself is involved in corruption in Roshan Sindh Project, wheat corruption scandal, Nooriabad power sandal and other scandals. He said father of Murad was pioneer of land grabbing in Sindh. He had fled to Canada while his front man Ramesh Lal Udeshi went to jail. He said Murad was a sub-engineer in WAPDA. He said he was a advisor of Sindh government in 2011, but now he has learned that Murad is the mastermind of corruption mafia of Sindh. He said for last 13 years the portfolio of Sindh finance is with Murad Shah. He is involved in Omni Group mega corruption.


Haleem Adil said that Asif Ali Shah, a brother-in-law of Murad was made DMG officer. He said his brother Afiq Haider Shah Engineer had fled and Murad promoted him and posted him in Works and Services department. He said another brother in law Aijaz Shah is made a DC. He said Sardar Shah despite volunteer rut run (VR) of Rs4billion looted money is posted as superintendent engineer Gudu Barrage. He said Bachal Rahopoto, who is nephew of Sikandar Rahopoto, is posted on job despite plea bargain with NAB. He said Akram Dharejo is involved in wheat corruption case. He said Zafar Dharejo is made DG anti-corruption department.


He said I would continue to expose these corrupt people. He said a case against Murtaza Wahab is pending in the Supreme Court. He said Murtaza Wahab is a fake advisor. He said corruption system in Sindh is now being run by Nasir Shah. He said Nasir Shah had gotten bribe of Rs 70 Crore from Muzammil Chappal. He said many departments including local government department are devastated by Nasir Shah’s corruption. He said his mega corruption would soon be exposed.


He said we are law abiding people and would go to courts. He said there is case of NAB against Taimoor Talpur in Kunri. He said Taimoor is involved in occupying lands of widows. He said now as the leader of opposition, his seat is near the seat of chief minister. He hoped that soon the seat of the chief minister would also come to the PTI. He said his hands are clean. He said a judicial commission into land grabbing in Sindh should be formed and it should start his probe from Haleem Adil. He said the corruption of Manzoor Kaka of Sindh Building Control Authority is notorious and action should be taken against him.