Lodhran: A pack of stray dogs brutally mauled and killed an eight-year-old boy in Mouza Bangla Hamidpur, a suburban area of Kehrurpaka in District Lodhran on Sunday.

According to a report, the incident occurred when the boy went out of his home to play. The stray dogs attacked and seriously injured the boy, Arsalan, by biting him multiple times.

The victim boy was rushed to THQ hospital after bitten by the dogs but he succumbed to his injuries on way to the hospital. According to Medical Officer Dr Zeeshan the victim boy received severe injuries of dogbite on his neck, legs and ears.

However, the police said that the family of the victim boy refused legal proceedings declaring the incident an accident. Local residents revealed that despite increase in cases of dogbites, the district authorities are unmoved.

No concrete steps have been taken till date to kill blood-thirsty dogs, the citizens added. No dog-hunting campaign could be started in Kehrurpakka for more than two years.

Citizens said that the district administration makes claims of good governance but in practice the reality is the opposite. Bloodthirsty dogs roam the city and suburbs and have become symbols of threat, citizens said.