Luni sees economic policies under US control

QUETTA: Moulana Abdul Qadir Luni, Senior Vice President, Jamiat Ulemae-Islam (N), has said that foreign, internal and economic policies of Pakistan were completely in the control of United States of America, adding that the whole nation was bearing the brunt of these policies of slavery.

These views were expressed by him while addressing a conference titled “Pakistan’s interest and policy options” held at Marriot Hotel, Islamabad. He said that Afghanistan could only be saved from catastrophic crises by recognizing the government of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and respecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Afghanistan.

He said that Pakistan was lagging behind owing to the policy of slavery. He added that cooperation among Islamic countries in trade, economic and cultural sectors was inevitable. He said framing an independent foreign for the country was the responsibility of parliament, adding that establishment of cordial relations with neighbouring country Afghanistan was the need of the time. He called on the authorities to recognize the government of Islamic Emirate Afghanistan.