Naundero gets fire brigade machine, cleaning material worth Rs75 million

NAUNDERO: Long outstanding demand of residents was finally met when cleanliness machinery, garbage dumping trolleys and a fire brigade machine was provided to the municipal committee authorities costing Rs75 million to ensure proper cleanliness in Naundero, the hometown of martyred Bhutto leaders.

The machinery includes seven garbage lifting vehicles and seven huge trolleys which will lift garbage from seven wards of the town regularly in the morning so that Naundero looks neat and clean away from environmental pollution. The lifted garbage will be dumped outside the town on a daily basis and the citizens have been advised to throw their garbage into the specified trolleys so that it could be lifted regularly to keep the environment near and clean.

The municipal authorities told this scribe on Monday that the cost of the received cleanliness machinery is Rs7.50 crore for which the authorities had written to the Sindh chief minister sometime ago to provide the machinery and equipment so that cleanliness could be maintained at two mega events held annually at Garhi Khuda Bux of anniversaries of PPP founder and former prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto. Local PPP leaders Arshad Shah Rashdi and Anwar Buriro handed over the machinery to Maulvi Mushtaque Korejo of the municipal committee.

It must be mentioned here that the municipal committee had outdated machinery and equipment for lifting of garbage which was always removed after three days from backward localities but the areas of influential people were cleaned on priority basis daily. The municipal committee is also facing acute shortage of sanitary workers as most of the appointed sanitation staff are Muslims who were recruited on the pasts on political basis ignoring the fact that these posts are purely for non-Muslims but their recruiters have not yet been taken to task due to which residents are suffering the most.