KARACHI: Deputy Speaker of New York State Assembly Phil Ramos said on Wednesday that the mission of their visit to Pakistan is to boost bilateral education and economic relations between the two countries.

This he said while speaking at the Karachi Press Club during his visit along with a delegation members including New York State Assembly Member Alec Brook and APPAC office bearers Dr Aijaz and others. KPC President Saeed Sarbazi, General Secretary Shoaib Ahmed, and other club leaders warmly welcomed the delegation.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Ramos said that their mission of the visit was to bolster education and economic relations between the US and Pakistan besides improving the quality of life.

He said that New York should learn from Pakistan’s experiences, and Pakistan should learn from New York’s. “I am a Democratic and our message is ‘Live with New York and Pakistan”, he proudly said.

Ramos added that he was very proud of leading the Pakistan-New York community and wanted to facilitate trade delegations and exchange student delegations between New York State and Sindh province. “We are thankful to the KPC hospitality,” he stated.

Earlier, speaking on the occasion, KPC President Muhammad Saeed Sarbazi welcomed the all delegation members and briefed them about the KPC history.

Mr Sarbazi said that KPC is Pakistan’s first press club, established in December 1958. It is a big platform for journalists and a political hub. The KPC had been struggling for press freedom, and rights of journalists and minority communities, he added.

He said that PPP’s struggle against late Gen Ziaul Haq was also initiated from the Karachi Press Club and it had now become a political hub.

Sarbazi said that KPC had more than 1800 council members. It also has great personalities as honorary members including Prince Karim Aga Khan, renowned philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi, scientist and Nobel laureate Prof Dr Abdus Salam, Prof Dr Saleemuzzaman Siddiqui, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Alys Faiz, Habib Jalib, Ahmed Faraz, Josh Maleehabadi, Jahangir Khan, Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, he further informed.

The KPC leaders presented a traditional gift of Sindh’s Ajrak and souvenir shields to delegation members as a good will gesture and honour. The delegation leaders thanked KPC for a warm welcome during their visit.