PPP, MQM-P will work together for Sindh’s wider interests: Nasir Shah

Karachi: Sindh Minister for Local Bodies Nasir Hussain Shah on Thursday said for the sake of wider interests of the province, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) will work together.

Addressing media after PPP’s leadership met with MQM-P’s delegation in Karachi, Nasir alleged the PTI is trying to spread anarchy. The Sindh minister said the country has suffered from the PTI’s attempts to spread anarchy.

He said MQM-P talks about the province when it feels that unjust is going on. Nasir said the discussions are going on over the cases and other issues, adding that the decision will be taken about the unjust on merit. Nasir Hussain lashed out at Imran Khan and said he considers himself above others, adding that the ouster of Imran Khan has been done with democratic principles.

Nasir flayed Imran Khan and said that he did not follow the constitution and then questioned why the court was opened during the night, adding that the court was opened in violation of the constitution, because of which Imran Khan is feeling sad.

Nasir said: “We could not use such language, which they [PTI] use”. Nasir said there is a shortage of water, adding that if there is fair distribution, everyone will get water.

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