SAC to launch protest movement against Maundero crimes

Naundero: Shehri Action Committee (SAC), consisting of various political, non-political, social welfare, traders, shopkeepers and religious parties have decided on Saturday to launch a movement and stage a sit-in on 31st January to ensure end to lawlessness in Naundero, recovery of all stolen goods of the residents and also formed a 10-member committee to have talks with police officials.

While addressing the attendants of the meeting held at Municipal Committee, SAC Chairman Ghulam Hyder Narejo said that effective action should be taken against the incompetence of the police who have so far failed to recover anything stolen from the city of martyrs who sacrificed their lives to change the conditions of the people and their followers cannot give peace and order to the city.

Narejo further stated, “The police arrest legitimate and illegitimate people and collect a portion of the thefts and give it to the victims and remain silent.” Chairman continued saying, “It is important for the MPA and MNA to play their role in improving law and order here.”

Chairman Ghulam Hyder Narejo said that due to the intervention of the people of the ruling party, the crimes in the city are being increased by freeing the people involved in the crimes who are alleged to be their blue-eyed-boys, there would be definitely be a sit-in against the incompetence and sheer negligence of the police.

Even after the appointment of private Chowkidars, the robberies could not be stopped. The people from the government talk on behalf of the police whereas they should support the citizens instead of supporting the administration to save precious valuables of the denizens. The administration wants to maintain peace, tranquility and order in the city but the police have become the accomplice of thieves and robbers, the chairman added.

Javed Bhutto said that as other departments have been handed over to private people, now the police department has also been handed over to a private group which is terrible and will have far-reaching consequences in future in view of the presence of police. Bhutto said, “The police should be depoliticized immediately and freed from the clutches of political figures to work independently for the betterment of the citizens for which they are paid.”

It was unanimously decided that starting from 31st January, the protest movement will be launched from Allahwala Chowk in the city, and all the parties will hold a protest sit-in from the platform of the SAC, which will be continued until the demands are resolved, and with the police and administrative officials. A 10-member committee was also constituted to discuss the citizens’ demands with the police and other administrative officials.