KARACHI:Haleem Adil Sheikh, the Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly and the central vice president of PTI, has expressed his great resentment and anger over the unabated deaths of the infants in the desert district of Tharparkar and the merry-making activities by the doctors and the lawmakers of the district.

Sheikh in a statement issued on Monday said that it was the height of callousness and indifference on the part of the civil surgeon, Dr Gul Munir Vistro, and other doctors to organize the concert within the premises of Civil Hospital Mithi where the infants were already dying in hundreds due to the complications caused by malnutrition.

He said: “It is the matter of the shame that two lawmakers, including PPP MNA Dr Mahesh Kumar Malani and MPA Fakeer Sher Mohammad Bilalani, could see enjoying the party within the premises of the so-called model hospital of Sindh in Mithi town.” He said that such activities spoke volumes of the so-called seriousness on the part of health officials and the elected representatives from Thar on the aggravating situations in Tharparkar.

He demanded action against such officials, who were playing with human lives in one of the most backward districts of the province. “The participants of the concert and merry-making party can be seen dancing in the video clip which has gone viral on social media,” he added and commented that it was enough to expose the unscrupulous elements posted in Thar to provide healthcare facilities to the people of the desert district.

Sheikh said that it was matter of the grief that people of Thar were not being provided with quality healthcare facilities in the hospitals, people had to travel miles to fetch water for drinking after all water works ceased to function due to massive malpractices by the high-ups of Sindh government but the PPP lawmakers and rulers were only interested to rub salts on the festering wounds of Tharis.

He said that PPP rulers in Sindh would be held accountable for the mess they had created in the entire province by depriving the people of their basic rights for over a decade and were still doing the dirty tricks to snatch the morsels from the mouths of the people. He said that this was the high time to heal the wounds of Tharis and demanded a probe in each every incident of suicide in Tharparkar.

This is the matter of the great concern that hundreds of Tharis had died by suicides but no proper investigation was yet to be made to ascertain the factors, which are forcing them to take the extreme steps to terminate their lifelines, he said. The PTI leader said that PPP rulers over the past 13 years had only looted and plundered the public funds, which were meant to provide the basic amenities of life to the people of the province. Mr Sheikh said that the massive protest rally by the people of PS 99 on Sunday against the worst potable water crisis was just a trailer by the enraged people to show the incompetence and corrupt rulers including Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah.

He said that they had already warned to march towards Chief Minister House if the people of his constituency were not provided with the drinking water within a week. “The water-starved people of my constituency and other localities of Karachi may turn violent if they are not provided with drinking water in their respective areas” he warned and asked rulers to mend their ways and resolve their basic issues. The PTI leader said that PPP rulers had not only deprived the people of Karachi of their basic rights but also of the people living in other districts of the province, who according to him, were also facing sub-human conditions because of the greed and corruption of the rulers.

Sheikh asked the high-ups of the Sindh government to stop the dirty politics on the irrigation issue and ensure its distribution among the farmers and landowners of the province. He said that rulers and PPP leaders on one hand were stealing the water through the illegal direct outlets and waterways while on the other hand were dancing on the roads in different towns to dupe the people of the province. The PTI leader said that PTI and MPAs of their allies parties would attend the provincial budget session and would try to best their present their viewpoints.