ISLAMABAD: Chairperson of the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), Senator Rubina Khalid, and Country Director of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Mr Yong Ye, met Thursday at BISP Headquarters to strengthen technical collaboration to empower BISP beneficiaries and lift them out of poverty through innovative skill development and global job market integration.

According to a PID statement, Senator Rubina emphasized the need for ADB’s assistance in developing skill enhancement initiatives and connecting beneficiaries to international job markets. “ADB’s support in designing these programs will be instrumental in breaking the cycle of poverty,” she stated.

Yong Ye reaffirmed ADB’s commitment, praising BISP’s exemplary National Socio-Economic Registry and its role in emergency response. He noted that BISP’s digital infrastructure has been crucial in reaching affected populations during emergencies, positioning it as a pioneer in Pakistan’s digital landscape. Senator Khalid acknowledged the ongoing collaboration with ADB and stressed the importance of continuous brainstorming for future initiatives.

Yong Ye highlighted BISP’s leadership role in shaping Pakistan’s social protection policies, given its extensive experience and innovative approaches. The meeting concluded positively, with both parties committed to furthering their collaboration to achieve shared goals of social and economic development for BISP beneficiaries.