SAPM: (Dr Zafar Mirza chairs high level meeting)


ISLAMABAD:A high level meeting was held here on Tuesday which was chaired by Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Health Dr Zafar Mirza for development and introduction of automated system of data integration for drugs and their manufacturers.

He congratulated DRAP on this landmark achievement and emphasized on the need of strict compliance to the essentials of good governance i.e. accountability, transparency, efficiency and stakeholders engagement.

This is the finest example of use of modern technology by using information management systems to ensure transparency, he said. PIRIMS’ deployment will streamline the requirements, procedures, and assessment by DRAP’s officers in order to ensure that timelines are followed in a conspicuous manner.

Asim Rauf, CEO DRAP said on the occasion that this stakeholder meeting has been arranged to show the people that DRAP is moving towards a transparent environment. In order to curtail any type of deviation from standard procedures, PIRIMS has been implemented with clear timelines.

He further said that this system will not allow any discretion. Real time reports of onsite inspections and assessments performed by our officers will become a part of the management system for future references. PIRIMS will help DRAP to attain status of World Health Organization (WHO) listed authority which requires clarity and transparency in every function.

Spokesperson of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan told that DRAP has deployed Pakistan Integrated Regulatory Information Management System (PIRIMS) for switching towards a paperless working environment.

The automated management system integrates licensing, registration, inspections and pharmacovigilance activities and provides a platform to pharmaceutical industry for submission of applications, regulatory correspondence and feedback / complaint mechanism to address problems faced by the applicants.

On this software, DRAP’s officers would be able to transparently view, assess and process various matters related to registration of drugs, licensing of pharmaceutical units and inspection activities. The procedures on the software follow strict protocols to ensure timelines of SOPs are met by the officers.

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