Call to pay two pending salaries to Wasa employees on eve of Eid

QUETTA: Haji Muhammad Ibrahim Khan Nurzai, President, Balochistan Darts Association (BDA), has called on the authorities to pay salaries to the employees of B-WASA immediately.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, he said that employees of Balochistan-Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) have not been paid their monthly salaries for the last two months due to unknown reasons, compelling the employees of WASA to stop supplying pure drinking water from government run water supply schemes of the city to the residents of Quetta city as a protest, adding thereby to the miseries of the people of Quetta city.

He said that stoppage of pay of government employees without any solid reasons and justification cannot be justified in any way, adding that such act of the authorities of Public Health Engineering Department, Government of Balochistan and Balochistan WASA was repugnant to the provision of fundamental rights of the citizens enshrined in the constitution of the country.

He called on Chief Minister Balochistan, Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo, Chief Secretary Balochistan, Abdul Aziz Uqaili and other concerned authorities to get the salaries of the employees of B-WASA, which has been withheld for two months without any justification, released forthwith.