A policeman was killed in exchange of fire with bandits in Shahdadkot as two bandits were nabbed on Wednesday.

An encounter took place between policemen and bandits during a robbery from a citizen in A-section police station jurisdiction in Shahdadkot, police officials said.

During the exchange of fire, a policeman Abdul Rasool Soomro was killed, and two bandits were arrested from the scene. Another bandit was fled the place. Police said that the body of deceased policeman was shifted to hospital.

The katcha area (riverine forests) along the Indus River in Punjab and Sindh, has been a hotbed of criminals and refuge to outlaws owing to its difficult terrain. The bandit gangs of the area have recently become bolder to challenge the state authorities and commit rampant kidnappings for ransom and killings.

The authorities have yet to launch a decisive action and uproot the criminals posing threat to adjacent areas as well as traffic on inter-provincial highways. The authorities and police department claiming to act against criminals entrenched in the area but to no avail despite tall claims.