Monday, December 5

Diabetes awareness camp set up at Centaurs Mall

ISLAMABAD:In connection with the World Diabetes Day, which will be observed on Monday, an awareness health camp has been set up at Centaurs Mall in Islamabad on Saturday.


Purpose of the camp is to highlight health issues encountered by a diabetic patient. Besides free blood sugar test, blood pressure check and measurement of Body Mass Index doctors are providing free consultation to the walk-in patients.


According to a Radio Pakistan’s report, on the occasion, Dr Ali Raza said diabetes is a prevalent disease in our society which usually remains unnoticed. He said aim of this camp is to screen maximum people to detect diabetic patients who do not know about their disease. He said detecting diabetes early enables patients to control it without using medicines. Dr Ali Raza said changing one’s life style may also help control diabetes. The camp will continue to facilitate patients till this midnight.