ISLAMABAD:Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has said the dialogue process with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) will be taken forward under the supervision of parliament.


Talking to media persons here in Islamabad on Wednesday, he termed the briefing of the military leadership to the Parliamentary Committee on National Security on Tuesday as comprehensive one.


He said it was decided to constitute a committee comprising not only government officials but also representatives from political parties in order to move forward on the matter of dialogue with political consensus. He said anything will be accepted or rejected after approval from the parliament.


Responding to questions, the Interior Minister said that former Prime Minister Imran Khan cannot scare anybody through his threats, blackmailing and narrative. He said the former Prime Minister should respond to the corruption done in his tenure.


He said any recording- video or audio- made to expose a person’s criminal offences or misdeeds could not be considered a crime, unless it was done to blackmail someone. He said, no one can even claim that it is a violation of their privacy.


He said the audio clip proved that Bushra Bibi was involved in a crime. He said Bushra Bibi is linking the entire opposition and the nation with treason over a letter, which PTI claimed came from America. The Interior Minister said Bushra Bibi is doing all this to save herself from corruption. He said no questions could be raised on the recording clip of Bushra Bibi.


But, he said, if PTI claimed that the recording was false, then Imran Khan should straight up refute it and demand a forensic examination. Commenting on Imran Khan’s video speech last night, Rana Sanaullah said that the PTI chief should be ashamed of himself for making claims that he was being harassed and isolated. He said asking about Imran’s assets and corruption cannot be said as his harassment.