Murder: Victim girl’s elder brother, his wife arrested

Toba Tek Singh: Police in Toba Tek Singh on Saturday arrested elder brother of young girl Maria who was murdered by his other brother and father.

The police took into custody the elder brother Shahbaz and his wife Sameera, who in their preliminary statements accused father Abdus Sattar and and other brother Faisal of killing her by smothering her face with a pillow.

The police said they have obtained the DNA samples of both Shahbaz and Sameera and they will be produced in court for remand.

The latest arrests were made after Faisal told police that Maria was raped by his elder brother Shahbaz and asked the police to arrest him. He also told the police about the involvement of some unknown people in the case and demanded the arrest of all of them.

While the father Abdul Sattar told the police during the investigation that he did not kill his daughter Maria but his younger son Faisal killed her sister Maria for honour.