Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif held a meeting with Qohir Rasulzoda, Prime Minister of Tajikistan, on Wednesday in Dushanbe.

The two leaders expressed satisfaction on the steadily expanding bilateral cooperation in all areas of mutual interest and reaffirmed their shared desire to further strengthen the existing fraternal ties, according to a press release received here on Wednesday from Dushanbe.The Prime Minister congratulated the Tajik Prime Minister on the successful organization of the 3rd High-Level Water Conference and appreciate Tajikistan’s leading role in the field of water diplomacy.

While hailing the signing of the Strategic Partnership Agreement as a historic moment in bilateral ties between Pakistan and Tajikistan, the Prime Minister expressed the hope that this elevation of the relationship between the two countries would open up new areas of mutually beneficial economic cooperation.

The Prime Minister underlined that Pakistan would continue to pursue enhanced engagement with Central Asian countries, including Tajikistan, in line with its ‘Vision Central Asia’ policy. He also stressed that enhanced regional connectivity and integration would remain key components for sustainable long term socio-economic development of the region.

In the meeting, Prime Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif emphasized the importance of regional ties in the South Asian and Central Asian region. He invited Tajik Prime Minister to use Karachi port for transit trade.

The Prime Minister said the regional connectivity can be further promoted by the construction of rail tracks and roads between the two countries.

He suggested that Pakistan host a regional connectivity summit to provide trade corridors to Central Asian countries and promote regional trade.

The Prime Minister welcomed the recent start of international flights between Pakistan and Tajikistan and emphasized the importance of increasing the number of these flights.

The Prime Minister said religious and cultural values are common between the Tajik and Pakistani people and emphasized the need for further expansion of social relations between the two countries.

He also reiterated the need for enhanced cooperation in the fields of culture, education, sports, and people to people contacts. The Prime Minister is on a two-day official visit to Tajikistan on the invitation of the President of Tajikistan.