Poor man dies under avalanche in Upper Chitral

CHITRAL: A poor man died under avalanche at Booni Bozand road near Istaro village in Upper Chitral when a labor was clearing a road from debris.

According to detail, a local man, Muhammad Ishaq, son of Zar Gul, was clearing the road from debris voluntarily to open the road for traffic on self-help basis when heavy land sliding hit him. As a result, he died on the spot.

The local people said that the attention of communication and works (C and W) department and the relevant authorities was drawn to the serious situation of this difficult and dangerous road, but no action was taken by C and W to clear the road from heavy boulders and debris, resultantly, today an innocent poor man who was clearing the road on voluntary basis lost life.

The local people raised the question whether the maintenance and cleaning of this road is not included in responsibilities of C and W department.

Is the protection of basic human rights and life and property of the people not included in the responsibility of the administration? The people of Torkho Valley have demanded from the high officials of the Communication and Works Department and the district administration to immediately clear the snow, boulders and debris from the Booni to Buzand road and open it completely for traffic.