MITHI: Five peacocks died while hundreds fell sick due to the fatal Newcastle disease, locally known as Ranikhet in Bhalwan village of Nagarparkar Tehsil in Tharparkar district, according to a report on Tuesday.

Peacocks, who are the guardians of Thar’s natural beauty and who enhance the beauty of the desert with their vibrant and vivid hues, fell prey to the contagious avian disease. According to the local residents, the wildlife department has not given any treatment to the affected peacocks and majority of the peacocks are currently dying as a result of the disease’s spread. Rather locals are treating the ailing peacocks using home remedies.

They appealed the wildlife department to take immediate steps to save the endangered species of peacocks. It merits here to mention that when the disease breaks out, peacocks first go blind, then stop eating and drinking and eventually die.