ISLAMABAD: The second meeting of the committee tasked with assessing and facilitating the reconstitution of the Board of Directors (BoD) for the Korangi Fisheries Harbour Authority (KoFHA) was held in Islamabad today.

The meeting was chaired by the Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs, Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh, while the Federal Minister for Industries & Production, Rana Tanveer Hussain, Secretary Maritime Affairs Syed Zafar Ali Shah and other senior officers of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs were in attendance as committee members.

The committee has been formed to ensure that the reconstitution of KoFHA’s Board of Directors complies with applicable laws, as the core focus of the committee lies in meticulously scrutinizing the Federal Government’s selection of five Board members During the first meeting, held on June 11, 2024 the committee meticulously reviewed the criteria and guidelines for the selection process.

The discussions focused on ensuring that the nominated members would bring a diverse range of skills, experience, and expertise to the board, aligning with the objectives outlined in the KoFHA Ordinance and the SOE Act, 2023. In its second meeting today, the list was reviewed followed by threadbare discussion and would finalize the names after necessary consultation with stakeholders.

Federal Minister Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh emphasized the importance of transparency and meritocracy in the nomination process. He added that we focus to reconstitute a Board of Directors that upholds the highest standards of governance and is equipped to drive KoFHA towards greater efficiency and success. Federal Minister for Industries and Production, Rana Tanveer Hussain added that we are committed to ensuring that the process is conducted with integrity and in full compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, and also dedicated to realizing the Prime Minister’s vision of ensuring to reflect the diversity and inclusiveness of our nation.

The committee evaluated potential candidates to finalize the nominations with the aim of completing the reconstitution process efficiently and effectively. This effort ensures that KoFHA’s Board of Directors is fully equipped not only to fulfill its strategic objectives but also to strengthen the board and integrate local stakeholders into the mainstream, contributing significantly to the sustainable development of Pakistan’s fisheries and maritime sectors.