Umniah’s Sustainability Program launched with a focus on climate change

Umniah Sustainability Program
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Umniah’s Sustainability Program Launch Event

The program is founded on three pillars: Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Shatara: In 2021, we were able to increase our reliance on renewable energy sources by 70% compared to the previous year.

AMMAN, Jordan, July 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Umniah recently launched its sustainability program, outlining the environmental, social and corporate governance practices as well as its commitment to promoting a positive and sustainable future. Umniah further highlighted its pledge to address the environmental challenges we are now facing, raise awareness about this critical issue and encourage and reward its subscribers to become active change agents towards a better, more sustainable future.

Commenting on the occasion, Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara said, “Stable climates are essential in enabling us to thrive and live in harmony with our natural environment, however, with climate change threatening the health and safety of our communities, our economy and our natural heritage, we are compelled to utilize our expertise and leadership, and to play a pivotal role in making positive changes in the lives of individuals and society.” Shatara went on to explain that Umniah is dedicated to achieving environmental sustainability in line with the goals of Jordan’s 2025 vision.

Shatara explained that Umniah’s commitment to the standards set by the International Telecommunication Union, which requires the ICT industry to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 45% between 2020 and 2030, resulted in the company conducting an audit to measure the greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions for its facilities over the past three years (2019-2021), which included emissions from network services, its headquarters, data center and company-owned retail stores.

According to Shatara, Umniah continues to align its sustainability strategies, plans and programs with the government’s vision, goals and objectives of economic modernization.

Umniah Sustainability launch

Umniah Chief Commercial Officer, Zaid Al-Ibrahim during the launch of Umniah’s Sustainability Program

Shatara also highlighted Umniah’s environmental practices, as well as its consideration and awareness to the impact of energy management processes and greenhouse gas emissions. He stressed that Umniah is focusing on the three pillars of sustainability, which center on environmental, social and corporate governance practices.

On the environmental level, in 2019, Umniah inaugurated its solar energy farms in Mafraq, Al Dulail, Hallabat and Azraq, a move that is in line with Jordan’s plans to reduce the release of greenhouse gases resulting from the burning gas and oil by shifting towards clean energy sources. Umniah’s solar energy farms now generate around 50% of its electrical energy needs.

In 2021, Umniah managed to increase its reliance on renewable energy by 70% compared to the previous year as well as decreasing its greenhouse gases emissions. Umniah will continue to implement its forward thinking sustainability strategy over the upcoming months, in continuation to its commitment to supporting Jordan’s commitments to international environmental forums and institutions.

On the social level, Shatara pointed out that Umniah plays an active role in creating positive social and economic impact in local communities through its innovative corporate social responsibility strategy, which supports people, ideas and projects that offer added value in various sectors including education, sports, culture, technology and the arts to name a few, as well as its avid commitment to furthering innovation and entrepreneurship through its business incubator The Tank.

In terms of effective governance and strong risk management, Shatara said that Umniah focuses on adopting, implementing and reviewing the policies and processes that ensure the practice of good corporate governance in terms of transparency, accountability, flexibility and compliance with all regulations and laws, in line with the company’s sustainability program objectives.

Umniah Chief Commercial Officer, Zaid Al-Ibrahim, highlighted the company’s motivation to be part of both local and international efforts to decrease heat emissions and contribute to the mitigation of global climate change.

Al-Ibrahim pointed to the increased number of people connected to the Internet, the rise in data traffic and the surge in demand for data centers, in addition to a rise in the employment of energy-intensive ICT equipment and the demand for digital services, which all lead to an increase in emissions. This, in turn, has a detrimental and marked effect on the environment in the long run, and demands that companies take active measures to the emissions. Al-Ibrahim went on to add that recently, Jordanians have shown an increased interest and awareness in environmental issues as well as the dangers of global warming.

Al-Ibrahim also mentioned that telecommunications companies play a vital role in supporting sustainability on a global level, with Umniah pledging to be a local and regional leader in this field with its environmentally friendly solutions and initiatives that encourage the reduction of energy consumption.

Al-Ibrahim also said that Umniah will develop a carbon emissions calculator using global standards and protocols that allow its customers to gauge their carbon footprint, reduce their emissions as well as emphasize their responsibility towards stopping climate change.

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