Aviation industry is directly linked to economic growth: Moot told

ISLAMABAD:Ilma University brought to focus the Aviation Industry through its webinar Aviation, Education and Opportunities. This popular virtual session shed light on the importance and scope of the aviation industry which offers limitless avenues of growth and development the world over.

Dr Wali Mughni led this webinar, PhD, MBA (Aviation), FRAes, SBt (Sher Afghan of Pakistan Airforce), Dean and Director of the Aviation Institute of Management, Former Research Associate at NASA Center of Aviation and Aerospace Research Center.

As a man of vast experience and expertise, Dr Wali provided an information-rich session for the aspirants and attendees. He inspired all with his history which was dotted with laurels. The session showed that aviation was directly proportional to economic growth. Dr Wali spoke about the interconnection of education with aviation. He unveiled ICAO and its initiative NGAP (New Generation Aviation Professional). He explained that the main objective of ICAO was to ensure that aviation continued to grow in a safe and sustained manner.

Dr Wali unveiled the opportunities that the aviation industry presented in Pakistan which encompassed civil aviation, charter services, travel agents, air traffic control, airports, govt. and private organizations. He highlighted the degrees in this field which included Performance Management, Managerial Accounting and Certificate in Aviation Business Administration. There was also The Aviationizing Club with powered gliding, aeromodelling, virtual reality flying and other exciting activities. This great webinar proved that Ilma always treads on novel territories to expand options in diverse fields to open limitless work domains globally.