Chicken meat prices skyrocketing across country

Lahore: The chicken meat prices have been continuing to rise in abnormal way in different parts of the country for the last few days, exposing the administrative check of the provincial and district governments over prices of eatables, according to a report on Wednesday. Citizens were seen returning empty handed from the chicken shops especially in Lahore as sellers complained short supply of chicken from the retailers and poultry farms. The crisis came to light and prices of broiler chicken meat shot up after chicken feed and soybean feed disappeared from the markets.

The Pakistan Poultry Association has already announced countrywide protest against continuous increase in prices of broiler chicken on Jan 5. The association’s spokesperson said their members would assemble at Thokar Niaz Baigh and stage protest for the acceptance of their demands. He said the poultry feed had almost vanished from the local markets because of unannounced restriction on the import of soybean and other raw material.

According to the spokesperson, raw material-led ships had been paying $400,000 daily penalty for the last two and half months. Meanwhile, the per kg price of broiler chicken meat reached Rs524 after an increase of Rs5 per kg in Lahore and other parts of Punjab. Chicken meat is being sold at more than Rs550 per kg in Lahore. The chicken meat prices have also gone up in Karachi, Multan and other cities in the country.