CM aide seeks waver of international debts

KARACHI: Advisor to CM for Agriculture Manzoor Hussain Wassan in a statement on Tuesday demanded that the international financial institutions should waive off Pakistan’s debts keeping in view the flood /rain situation in Pakistan due to climate change.

He further said that livestock, property, roads, dams and agricultural crops i.e. cotton, rice, dates, vegetables, sugarcane and other various crops completely destroyed in Pakistan especially in Sindh, Punjab and Baluchistan. He said: “If Pakistan’s debts are not waived off, people will die due to hunger in the affected areas and there will be more problems. The country is facing famine situation due to heavy rains and floods.”

Wassan further said that due to damage caused to the crops, there is also a fear of food shortage. Due to the unusual floods in the history of country, there might be a shortage of agricultural products while there will also be difficulties in sowing new crops, added Wassan.