Cop arrested for taking bribes from kite string makers

FAISALABAD: The investigation in charge of Punjab police was arrested for taking bribes from the chemical kite string manufacturers, police said Friday.

A special police team took action against the investigation in-charge of Punjab police – named Ibrahim appointed at Ghulam Mohammadabad police station – and caught him red-handed for taking a bribe from the chemical kite string manufacturers in Faisalabad.

The Regional Police Officer (RPO) suspended all the staff including the Station House Officer (SHO), Ali Imran, of Ghulam Mohammadabad police station, and ordered SSP Operations Hasan Javed to conduct an inquiry into the matter.

Earlier, Punjab Police started a crackdown against kite-flying and selling in the province after directives from Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz.

The police register cases and arrest kite and chemical string makers, while the people are warned against kite-flying by public announcements.

The police arrested 29 kite flyers in Lahore and seized kites and chemical string from their possession.

Police monitoring high-rise buildings and seized 2,000 kites and 50 chemical-laced strings in Khushab from a kite-seller.

Police conducted raids over string-making factories in Faisalabad and arrested 13 accused involved in the lethal business. The officials also seized metal string-making machines, kites, and raw materials.

Police in raids over two string-making factories in Madanpura, Faisalabad arrested 13 kite-sellers. It also seized six metal string-making machines and kites.